Elleni Karafilis reviews Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

There were so many elements to this book that I loved. It is a very character heavy book, and you can tell that Rainbow cares about all the characters she has written because they are all very well developed. All their imperfections are shown, making the characters raw and easy to relate to. There are quite a few different elements to the story, as the main character Cath is trying to adjust to college life, away from her father and her twin sister, while trying to keep up with her fan fiction writing.

The inclusion of excerpts from stories Cath has written were a cute addition that allow a little more insight to her character. Despite all this, I found it hard to get into this book. While Cath was a character who had traits I could relate to, I found her frustrating a lot of the time, which made her difficult for me to read for the first portion of the book. It did get better, and I ended up loving Cath before the book was over, but I found I was reading more out of interest for other characters especially Cath’s love interest. Overall, a fantastic coming of age story, and a great representation of a modern day young adult novel.