David Hall reviews ZOO 2 by James Patterson

The sequel that shouldn’t have happened…

Some time ago, needing a quick read I picked up Zoo by James Patterson. They had just run the TV series and so I thought I’d look at what inspired it. Long story short, it was a typically fast paced read about animals going crazy and eating humans (yes even the herbivores). I was really enjoying it until the lead scientists in the story explained that the reason for crazyitis in the animals had something to do with mobile phones and plastic bottles… and that was enough for me to give the book a scathing review… I mean really!

I noticed recently that the Patterson Bookshots (stories at the speed of life) had arrived in the library and among these was Zoo 2. Yes that’s right, a sequel. Why didn’t I learn from the first book? Why oh why! In this story the animals still have a taste for human flesh, but at least they don’t mention mobile phones and plastic bottles. The disease (if you can call it that) is now spreading to humans and so we are turning into caveman style hunters and eating each other! HORRIFYING!

But worry not! Scientists have found a solution!


The cure is as fast as a Zirtec ™!

…And with that startling revelation I think I heard the entire internet groan. Ok, so its not a great book, but it’s a time filler. Yes the solution to people eating people is antihistamine.


If you can look past this blatant silliness you have a fast-pace action packed thriller. Is 2 stars out of 5 harsh?

If you like this then maybe also try a Matthew Reilly or any other action/thriller author. Patterson is a prolific writer so you wont run out of books for a long time.