Azaelia reviews Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey.

THE STORY is quite interesting and a good mix of science fiction and murder mystery. If follows two main characters Captain Holden and Detective Miller, and how their aim to uncover two seemingly unrelated incidents leads them to each other and an outbreak of war. Corey provides a few exciting bursts of action and grizzly scenes, along with deep, thoughtful moments that touch the heart. The writing is well done and succinct, the details of the world so well thought out that you really can imagine the future of human civilization going down this path. I love how Corey doesn’t shy from showing political motivations and social issues, but reveals them in all their ugliness.

THE CHARACTERS gave me mixed feelings, but essentially they drive the story, with Holden and Miller providing opposing views and moral centres which creates interest. Holden is optimistic and puts his faith in humanity to do the right thing as long as they have all the information necessary to make an informed choice, while Miller is much more cynical and jaded, with society and the system that’s meant to protect it. Both characters develop through the story, and you are pulled along with them. The side characters don’t develop as much as the story is told from either Holden’s or Miller’s view, so you only see what they see. This leaves the other characters feeling a little flat and empty. At first I found Holden quite annoying, and Miller totally depressing, but Corey presents their struggles convincingly that by the end of the story I was quite attached to both of them and conflicted by their differing beliefs.

OVERALL I really enjoyed reading this book and was easily sucked in to the story. I think it is a great introduction for anyone who is new to science fiction as it includes a murder mystery and political intrigue. Even though Leviathan Wakes is a part of a series, it really can be read as a stand alone novel.