Azaelia reviews Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

THE STORY gives a spin on the superheroes theme in that those who have super powers (called Epics) are cruel and selfish, ruling their domain with an iron fist and killing anyone who gets in their way. The world seems to be a mix of dystopian, fantasy and sci-fi, the scene set with crumbling buildings, people living underground in constant fear, and some hi-tech weapons and devices. There is, however, a small rebel group known as The Reckoners who dare oppose these tyrants. David, our main character, joins this band with his own personal agenda: to kill the Epic Steelheart who murdered his father when he was 8. Most of the story details the Reckoners’ plans to take down Steelheart’s band of fellow Epics (no easy feat!) and lure him out of his steel tower and kill him. There are lots of action scenes involving many explosions and gunshots, and Sanderson’s tight writing style makes this story easy to read, with enough world-building, action and humour to keep things interesting. Sanderson is known for his plot twists and revelations at the end of his books, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

THE CHARACTERS each bring a quirkiness and personality that makes you believe they could actually be real people, like Tina and her Cola addiction. I really loved David as a character; he is intelligent, funny, and a bit dorky. The other Reckoners all have a bit of mystery surrounding them, but they all fight together, for each other, and the admirable cause of standing up against the Epics and the injustices they have committed. Through the characters we are given the choice to think deeply about questions they raise and actions they take in their quest.

OVERALL I think this is a great story with a perfect balance of action, intrigue and comic relief. I’d definitely recommend this book for older teenage boys or a quick read to get you out of a reading slump.