As someone who works with the community within the library, it amazes me how much need I encounter when it comes to learning the basics of how to use a computer. Logging on to a computer, opening an internet browser, sending emails, using Microsoft Word among other tasks are foreign concepts and skills to many in the community. While there are always librarians around at each of the Bayside libraries to provide assistance when needed, the library also provides classes and one on one services (particularly for seniors) to help teach the basics not only regarding the use of computers; but phones and tablets as well.



The services Bayside library provides for beginners includes:

Online Computer Training

Online Technology Training

One on one tutoring for any device computer/phone/ tablet/ipad (enquire at the library information desk)

Computer classes for seniors from linguistic backgrounds other than English (enquire at the library information desk)


We also have a range of books in our collection for you that you can take home about how to use computers/phones/other devices in our collection. You can check our collection and their availabilities on the library website or come in and ask one of our friendly staff.


If you are in need of resources to help someone you know or love, I have found the following links to be helpful in explaining the hows and whys of using the humble computer.

Getting Started 

Basic Computer Skills: A Guide for Complete Beginners

Logging into gmail

Logging into Outlook

You Tube is also a helpful resource for beginners as it gives visual examples of how to perform basic computer tasks on both Mac and Windows operating systems.


No matter what your skill level, there are resources for everyone available.